Herbs of the Zodiac

Herbs are associated with star signs just as precious stones and flowers are.  The herbs listed below have all come to be known by their star sign through their association with ancient customs and folklore. 

22nd December to 20th January
Viola, amaranthus, carnation, pansy, quince, hemp, comfrey, knapweed, hemlock, henbane, alder.
21st January to 18th February
Peppers, chilies, apples, citrus fruits, willow, orchid, gentian violet.
19th February to 20th March
Lime, mosses, water lilies, ash, cucumber, crocus.
21st March to 20th April
Honeysuckle, thistle, peppermint, hawthorn, cayenne pepper, hops, sweet pea.
21st April to 21st May
Oak, chives, sorrel, violet, foxglove, daisy,  columbine, spearmint, lily of the  valley.
22nd May to 21st June
Rose, myrtle, fern, maidenhair, anise, marjoram, caraway.
22nd June to 22nd July
Hazel, verbena, tarragon, morning glory, geranium. lavender.
23rd July to 23rd August
Vines, sunflower, marigold, celandine, passion flower, rue, rosemary, saffron.
24th August to 22nd September
Ivy, forget-me-nots, oregano, aster.
23rd September to 23rd October
Mints, reeds, calendula, flax.
24th October to 22nd November
Birch, aloe, witch hazel, catmint, chrysanthemum.
23rd November to 21st December
Rowan, sage, anise, balsam, lemon balm, borage, cinnamon, narcissus.