HerbsOntario Festival gears up for another great year!  
Summer just wouldn't be summer without a herb festival! Visit the HerbsOntario website to see how things are getting spiced up. Enjoy the quaint setting and spend a day in osprey country and bring the whole family to the 4th Annual HerbsOntario Festival.  


Herb Growers Gather for Regional Talks  
This August, herb growers will be gathering for regional talks around Ontario.  Organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Foods, growers and those interested are welcome to take part in the informal gatherings being held at hosts who are growers such as the Emily Creek Herb Farm, an agri-tourism operation that provides potted herbs and herbal products. 

National Herb Conference coming to Ontario  
As details evolve, we will let our readers know.  Join our e-zine subscriber list to get your updates direct.  Watch for details for this exciting new conference coming in 2004.  

Visit a Herb Farm   
Jen Jones returns from a year abroad and will be sharing her experiences with visitors to the Emily Creek Herb Farm.  From mint drying at a Turkish farm to ancient herbs of the Scottish highlands, herbal stories are bound to delight listeners.  Learn about the ancient drink of orchid root tea called "salap" and much more.  

Business News   
Salmonella contaminated herbs and FDA Alerts on Imported Herbs; The Key is in the Words: Copyright Infringement; Evergreen Herbs Ltd Recognized by Business Development Bank of Canada; Leading Herbal and Nutritional Associations Urge Putting Ginkgo Study in Perspective; The Impact of Double Harvesting on Victorian Peppermint Crop Productivity   .   

Health Keeper   
Blueberries for Boomers: A Cup A Day May Keep Memory Loss Away .    
Spices Hike Your Antioxidant Protection - Ounce for ounce, many herbs used to flavour our foods are proving to have more.

Cinnamon for the Soul! Just the smell of warm cinnamon is enough to warm freezing fingers and toes during the colder days of autumn. But the following recipes bring you more than just the aroma: a good sprinkling of ground cinnamon is included as the main spice and blends well with the flavours of hazelnuts and almonds in these nutty beverages.      

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