Treat yourself to any of our herbal based lotions, body creams, salves, bath products and massage oils. Our specialty lines include baby products made with herbs gentle enough for sensitive skin and a healing gardeners's line. Our Herbal Home Spa line allows you to pamper yourself when you have the time. Try our ever-popular face cream after using the facial scrub or facial mask for deep cleansing! Our line of culinary blends makes mealtime a breeze: we have herb combinations for every need. We carry an extensive line of herbal teas made with herbs known for their therapeutic value.

Emily Creek Herb Farm 

Since 1994, the Emily Creek Herb Farm has been sharing enthusiasm about herbs with visitors and groups alike.  Nestled into the base of a treed ridge that overlooks Emily Creek and Sturgeon Lake are the gardens that reflect a simpler time when herbs were commonplace among the pioneers.  Historic herbs displayed in the garden are complemented by vintage wood, reclaimed bricks and artifacts that make up the paths and borders. Plan to visit this summer.  Herb Shop open weekends 10-5. Located NE of Toronto in the heart of osprey country. Experience the Herbs of Emily Creek!  

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The Fragrant Garden 

Since 1989 The Fragrant Garden has been supplying quality herbal products throughout North America. Essential Oils are rigorously tested to ensure quality. The Perfume Concentrates are incredibly long-lasting fragrances which can be used anywhere fragrance is desired and are easily assimilated into soaps and candles. Because of their unique preserving techniques, their potpourris are incredibly long-lasting and wonderfully fragrant. Specialty items include Ease-My-Aches (an essential oil blend for sore muscles), Breathe-Easy (a natural alternative to clear stuffy noses), Stress-Less (a relaxing body oil), invigorating Body Splashes, effective and natural Insect Repellants and Light Rings. All products are guaranteed for your satisfaction.  

G.R.O.W. Herbal Gardens 

GROW Herbal Gardens is a community enterprise operated by Achievement in Motion (AIM) that provides therapeutic training and employment opportunities for mental health consumers in the Waterloo Region, south western Ontario. Herbal products made and sold include culinary delights such as salsas, herbal jellies, and vinegars plus personal care products such as facial scrubs, soap, and bath salts.

Herbs for Hurts 
Herbs for Hurts Expands its Line Launched in Calgary in 1998 by entrepreneur, Kelly Chobotiuk, this company has been successfully producing the Boo Boo Bear, a topical warm/cool therapeutic pack for children.  The packs contain Alberta cereal grain and herbs of lavender, peppermint and chamomile.  Parents find them helpful in soothing earaches, headaches, insomnia, nausea or whatever "Boo Boos" they encounter.  In response to Japanese sales, Chobotiuk launched the Boo Boo Bunny to recognize the Year of the Rabbit, and she is also developing a new line of children's massage oils and an Angel for Aches, to be used in the same manner as the popular Boo Boo Bears.  Chobotiuk, a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta, started Herbs for Hurts Inc. with a vision of employing herself and other women of Aboriginal descent.  Her philosophy is to give women the opportunity to work and raise their families in a flexible, supportive work environment. 

Join Herbs At Home at the Emily Creek Herb Farm on Sunday August 5th for "A Day in the Country" Open House and Garden Tour. Free Admission. Stroll the herb garden, outdoor market and enjoy the rural and rustic atmosphere. Activities include the Canadian Nature Federation Frog Watch, herbal demonstrations and more. Wild herb walks will take place, plus much more!

Orysi Aromatherapy and Body Care 

We are Canadian Wholesale and Retail distributors of the finest essential oils, aromatherapy products and body care in North America.  We have expanded our selection of products to become the largest retailer of Aromatherapy products in Northwestern Ontario. At Orysi we offer a wide selection of pure superior essential oils, carrier oils, floral waters, base lotions, and shampoos.  We will also be expanding our range of therapeutic blends, ointments, and unscented products. We offer a broad range of other products, such as, candles, jewellery, soaps, body scrubs, and bath products.  Our website, along with our catalogues, has been thoroughly revised.  We welcome you to our new online shop with secure online ordering by credit card.  Currency conversion is available.


Get into soap crafting! It's here and it's hot! Soapscope offers retailers and wholesalers all the supplies needed to create hand crafted soap bars.  Five exceptional Melt and Pour bases to choose from, a wonderful selection of patterned moulds, as well as cosmetic grade colourants and fragrances to suit every one.  We also offer supplies for creating your own fizzy bath balls, lip balms, lotions, liquids and so much more ...! 

Stevia Canada  

What if there were a natural dietary supplement that was 300 times sweeter than sugar and ... *had zero calories and no carbohydrates or alcohol   *didn't cause cavities and was beneficial for teeth  *was not only diabetic safe but studies showed it to be pancreas nourishing too   *did not cause hyperactivity  *was heat stable making it great for cooking and baking   *was widely and safely used by countries around the world   *had been continually used by natives of Paraguay for over 1500 year  *was a great alternative to artificial sweeteners of questionable safety   *and had no known contraindications? If there were -  then wouldn't you then have seconds of that guilt-free dessert?